Artificial intelligence Makes Everything Better

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data is the new mantra in today’s world. Organisations generate huge volume of data which if put to effective use can bring substantial benefits. Managing this ever-increasing data is a big challenge for conventional systems. Artificial intelligence in business helps address this challenge.
We, at Bharat Clouds, help you with the best end-to-end artificial intelligence strategy and implementation with direct relation to ROI. We have dedicated experts in the field of artificial intelligence who can join hands with your in-house team to help deliver your AI projects successfully & quickly. We use algorithms not because they happen to be the latest or the next in-thing but use them purely based on the needs of our customers’ use cases!

Our range of services

Our Methodology

We take a holistic approach in implementing the AI strategy. Our proven methodology subsumes the industry best practices, right technology, collaborative effort with various stakeholders and a humane process ensures that the target objectives are achieved within budget and time.

  • Understanding your use case and data
    Our first goal is understanding your business and data well. Many-a-time providers skip this part and try directly to build ML models, which more than often ends in failure. We have domain expert catering to various industries, who understand your business thoroughly to develop a great Machine learning solution.
  • MVP
    Once we understand your use case and data well, we can build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Implementation
    Once MVP is complete and all the stakeholders are on-board, we do a full-fledged implementation of the model(s) and productionize them. We also help maintain the models with any further change requirements.